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Experience the Alpha Mods P.D.

Now at the Europa-Park and in your own home

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Become part of this special unit and free Ultraville

Immerse yourself in the world of Alpha Mods P.D.

The story of Alpha Mods P.D.

Ian, Spike, MJ and Zoe seem like average kids. They go to school and love playing video games. But one day, all this changes. After winning together in their favourite video game Alpha Mods , they are teleported to Ultraville. Here Alpha Mods is no longer a game, but reality. In their versatile Mod vehicles, Intercepta, Gizmo, Buster and Jumper, the very best drivers in the universe. protect Ultraville from dangerous car gangs and the evil Shadow. Ian, Spike, MJ and Zoe are now part of the Alpha Mods police unit where they experience the most thrilling adventures of their lives.

to a futuristic world

to a futuristic world

Mod your vehicles

Take the Alpha Mods home

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Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Alpha Mods P.D. in your own home with the new Diecast collection from Majorette! With three different vehicle series, the Alpha Mods P.D. walkie talkie, and the VR glasses set, you can simulate and enjoy the virtual experience of action-packed chases.

Welcome to Ultraville

Get the VR-Experience

Experience now

Hit the roller coaster in Europe’s largest theme park! As of March 24, 2018 visitors to the Europa-Park will have the chance to experience the Alpha Mods P.D. as a "virtual reality ride" on the “Alpenexpress Coasitality” roller coaster. The VR glasses take you to spectacular 3D worlds, whilst you enjoy the wind, centrifugal forces and curves of a real roller coaster ride. If you are looking for an utterly new roller coaster adventure, then its time to speed through the virtual world of Alpha Mods P.D.

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